Brushbusters Riding Club

Motto: “Guys, Gals, and Horses”

Brushbusters is a family orientated riding club that was founded in 1980. The club’s intent is to provide an opportunity for having trail rides and other horse related functions. These events are to be conducted in a clean, fun loving manner so that all family members can enjoy the time spent with horses and people.  Below is a list of some of the by-laws of the Brushbusters Riding Club.

  1. To form and support trail rides.
  2. Membership shall be open to all interested persons age 18 and over. The club shall not discriminate against race, color, creed, sex or age.
  3. Annual membership fees shall be $12.50 per person. Family membership shall be $25.00. Memberships run from January 1 thru December 31. Annual dues are to be paid on or before March 31 each year to remain a member of the club for that year. New members can join in December and be eligible to vote at the annual meeting in that month.
  4. It shall be the purpose of this club to conduct its activities and functions in a wholesome family atmosphere therefore, use of alcoholic beverages is not condoned at any business meeting and held to respectability at any other activities. Use of illicit drugs will be prohibited at all times. Any user of illicit drugs will be expelled from the club with no refund of membership dues.

Contacts for the riding club are as follows.

PresidentSheila Watkins
Vice President: Jim Thomas
: Kris Moran
Secretary:  Sheila Watkins
Newsletter Editor: Jean McCormick
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Lesley Revils
Board Members: Linda Liggett; Cheryl Thomas;Dona Long; Joey Jernigen; Chuck Hamilton; Sharon Barngrover