Perry Lake Bike Trail

Trail Usage: Biking, Hiking
Trail Coordinator: Lyle Riedy
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The Perry Lake Bike Trail is located on the west side of Perry Lake, in Perry State Park, half-way between Topeka and Lawrence Kansas.  The trail was designed and built specifically for mountain bike enthusiasts.   A favorite among advanced skills riders and trail runners, it hosts several competitive events each year including mountain bike, trail running and adventure races.   The trail has a very rocky tread, many hills, short steep sections with tight turns, off camber, fast and technical rocky sections.  Most of the trail is under a deep canopy of hardwoods.

Area riders describe the trail as being more “physical” than “ technical.”  Trail rating is moderate with areas of difficult.  The trail is well marked and maps are available at the trailhead.  Length of the trail is nearly 21 miles of single-track and 2 miles of old abandoned campground roads.    Depending on lake level, the trail has access to the shore where riders can “free ride” for miles along the shore utilizing the natural bedrock exposed by the lake’s receding waters.

Contact the trail coordinator for information about volunteer trail maintenance workdays.

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